ISBN 978-0735626409
Publisher: Microsoft Press, 2009
Paperback, 229 pages.

Editorial Reviews.

Just as a race car team analyzes every aspect of car and driver data to optimize endurance and speed imagine your potential if you could optimize every aspect of daily coding activities with Visual Studio! The author a member of the Visual Studio team for five years has identified 251 tips to help you do just that. In her own words, There was much about Visual Studio I didn t know...until I had to learn and test it ALL. What I discovered is that although Visual Studio has a lot of options, it isn t endless and it doesn t have to be overwhelming. In fact, Visual Studio can be mastered and in this book I show you how. Performance enhancements begin in the editor, and include every other feature you touch when coding in the IDE. This book collects, illustrates, and categorizes the tips and tweaks you can apply right now to help optimize your daily routine and productivity