ISBN 978-0321754264
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional, 2011
Paperback, 840 pages.

Editorial Reviews.

The iOS 5 Developer’s Cookbook, Third Edition is packed with ready-made code solutions for the iOS 5 development challenges you’re most likely to face, eliminating trial-and-error and helping you build reliable apps from the very beginning. Sadun teaches each new concept and technique through robust code that is easy to reuse and extend. This isn’t just cut-and-paste: Using her examples, Sadun fully explains both the “how” and “why” of effective iOS 5 development.

Sadun’s tested recipes address virtually every major area of iOS development, from user interface design to view controllers, gestures and touch, to networking and security. Every chapter groups related tasks together, so you can jump straight to your solution, without having to identify the right class or framework first. Coverage includes:
Mastering the iOS 5 SDK, Objective-C essentials, and the iOS development lifecycle
Designing and customizing interfaces with Interface Builder and Objective-C
Organizing apps with view controllers, views, and animations featuring the latest Page View controllers and custom containers
Making the most of touch and gestures—including custom gesture recognizers
Building and using controls from the ground up
Working with Core Image and Core Text Implementing fully featured Table View edits, reordering, and custom cells
Creating managed database stores; then adding, deleting, querying, and displaying data
Alerting users with dialogs, progress bars, local and push notifications, popovers, and pings
Requesting and using feedback
Connecting to networks and services, handling authentication, and managing downloads
Deploying apps to devices, testers, and the App Store